If passion, hard work & hunger is rewarded by success, it will come as no surprise that Lukey P is now recognized as one of the most talented MC's involved in UK Bounce. His rapid rise on the scene has allowed him to perform all over the North West of England, with guest appearances in the North East & also Scotland. With 10 years in the game, 8 of which at Club Level, he is currently one of the most in demand MC's in Bounce.  

But where did it all begin?

Since 2006 at the age 15 Lukey has loved Bounce Music. He was first introduced to it at High School after buying an Insanity CD recorded from the Tower Bar in Colne. At the time he was fascinated at the fact that local lads in the area actually featured on these CD’s, & he took an almost instant interest in everything that was Bounce related. After hearing MC Hodge (better known from the Fluidz events) Lukey felt like he had found his true calling, and began to try write lyrics of his own.  

At the time Colne was renowned for its talented DJ’s & MC’s and the town’s nightlife was absolutely thriving. Originally aiming towards getting himself involved in CD's such as Hypernation, or performing at venues such as The Craic In The Wall. He believed that these artists would help him rise to the top. But at such a young age he knew he had no chance of performing at these venues. 

Years later he accomplished this in 2008 at the age of 16, performing at his first ever gig at The Railway Pub in Brierfield. He worked alongside MC's Enterprize, Frantik, Bezza & Supreme, plus DJ's such as Chester, Raz Smith (Hypernation), Nick (Colne Madness). Pretty much all artists he dreamed of working with. It was then that he realised that there was a miles Bigger scene out there, and the artists he believed to be at the top were actually small fish in a much larger pond. 

So he began self-promoting, making CD's with DJ's & MC's from all over…

By 2009 he became well known in his local area through CD's such as Aftershock & Under The Influence, bringing out new volumes on a regular basis. People knew he had raw potential, but he wasn't being heard or seen by the right people. Towards the end of 2009 Robo introduced him to Slick, an MC/Promoter who ran an event called Stimulation in Burnley. Slick offered Lukey a set on his Christmas Day event, and his performance was noticed by the right people…

DJ Fred Swift / Footrocker (Illuzion Deejays) recognised his talent & managed to get him a booking for Epic Bounce. This then became Lukeys first residency and as 2010 progressed, the bookings began to fly in. He was now performing at Pubs & Clubs all around the North West. He became one of the only up & coming MC's from Burnley, involved in any events out of town at all!
By The World Cup, he was booked for SOPRANOS 'Summer Spectacular' @ The Sopranos Bar - Great Harwood, where his talent was once again recognised by other promoters within the scene.
Sadly Epic Nightclub shut down and Epic Bounce was no more. But by this point his name was already out there & He continued to receive bookings from lots of other promotions. 

DJ Cheeze booked Lukey on many occasions which introduced him to a much larger audience through Sopranos. By 2011 he became a Bounce Scene regular, featuring on posters for most of the main events on the scene. Still up and coming but high in demand, not going a month without at least 3 or 4 bookings!

In 2012 the scene took a small decline and a lot of promotions stopped doing events apart from Sopranos and a few others. It was during this period where Lukey began to get a bit more of the limelight with so many of the Big Artists retiring. After meeting DJ Jamie Holgate he also became one of the resident MC's on the Strongbeat Volumes, working alongside Hodge, Lambert, Enterprize & later Jonak. 

During 2013 a lot of the smaller events were struggling to bring in the crowds, but SOPRANOS was still thriving, now holding events at WH1 Blackburn. He was made resident for Acceleration by DJ Kenty, which gave him the opportunity to work with even more Huge Artists. 
It was then that he became a true performer and learnt how to captivate his audience, becoming a Host & not just a lyricist! He was noticed by MC G who got him involved Demonstration Volume 6 which also featured DJ Nicki B & MC Jay. It was at this point that a lot of the other artists on the scene began to take Lukey a lot more seriously, and promoters started to give him more of the main set times!

The following year He launched the Flexxin' In The Booth CD Series, recorded at Flexxed TV Studios. Each volume featured a different DJ voted for by the listeners, hitting over 150,000 plays & 100’s of downloads on SoundCloud, Over 50,000 views on YouTube & is still an on-going CD series today. 

In 2016 DJ Cheeze officially made him a SOPRANOS resident & he is still a resident today. Through the UK’s number 1 Bounce Promotion he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names & Brands in the Dance music scene. Such as Clubland, Monroes, Back To The Old Pier, Acceleration, Frequency, Sanctuary & many more.

His career so far has seen him Host some of the biggest stages in the UK, and even hosted the sounds of International Artists & Producers such as XS Project, Dertexx, Sonic Mine, Gari Selekt & Nesket. Also including Hardcore legend DJ Sy, Friday Night Posse, Pete Monsoon, Rob Cain, Pete Dayley, Fitzy & Rossy B, Kenny Hayes & many more.  

Now an established & reputable name within the scene, this versatile MC has earned his stripes & proven his worth. If the last 10 years has told us anything, it’s that his work rate & passion has allowed him to survive the test time, and is living proof that your dreams can be achieved if you’re willing to work hard for them!